#Olympic420Adventure Bikepacking race 2019 Gear and race thoughts

What a cool writeup – I hope Shawn tackles this again – he is the only human I have known to attempt it 🙂


I figured I’d dust off my blog after completing some of the Olympic 420 Bikepacking race that runs 460+ miles and nearly 70,000′ of vertical elevation gain around the Olympic mountains.  I crawled my way across 228 miles (including off route re-supply) and over 35,000′ of gain over 5 days riding and pushing a 65+ lb fully loaded bike (not including water weight, umph!!).  It’s only my third bike packing race.  The route is incredibly steep and even though you are following a route on your GPS you have to spend a lot of time navigating and deciphering what the track is really trying to do.  Many times a day I felt like I was encountering intersections where you have to toss a coin to decide which road is the one the track wants you to go on.  This is more due to how the track get’s created and the…

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Hi, I’m Seth. I work in the commercial fishing industry as a tender captain in Alaska, and I spend my off-season cruising around the West Coast in my Toyota motorhome looking for places to camp and mountain bike. I like taking pictures of the beautiful places I see.

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